Why you should meditate?

Meditation is a way of life which involves no technique in which it means a session of complete thought process. It makes the heart & mind to feel the state of realization when the mind is free from diverted thought and scattered patterns.

The one who is doing meditation regularly would be able to observe the activities of the mind. It actually trains the mind and provokes the mode of consciousness.

It involves a wide range of practices to endorse relaxation, internal energy, life force i.e. Qi, Ki and Prana, grow love, kindness, tolerance, generosity, and forgiveness.

Is Meditation healthy and why you should meditate?

Yes, absolutely. With a regular practice of meditation, one can improve the health of mind, body, and soul.

You can see that most of the Americans could not sit for a minute and chant “Ohm”, hence they travel to India.

Since meditation helps them gaining millions and millions of converts, help to overcome chronic & acute pains, beat up the stress & anxiety, enhance good cardiac health, boost up the mood & immunity power and even could resolve the pregnancy issues.

Advantages of Meditation

Meditation on the other way round could say as the best remedy for stress reduction. As we all know that stress is the only supplier of many major modern health killers, Raison the famous meditation practitioner states, “Most of the survey studies show that meditation helps to resolve the problem of fibromyalgia, even psoriasis.

And it is apparently difficult to figure out the details on an illness where stress and mood involved in a human body”.

But till now science have no answer in finding out the patterns between the meditating brain & immune system and the magic happening between these two.

The University of Wisconsin states, “after a continuous practice of meditation for about 8 weeks, we found electrical energy passing around the left side of the front lobe, which is the region of keeping people more optimistic”.

Benefits of Meditation for general well-being

Though meditation is widely meant for spiritual space, it adds n numbers of health benefits which gradually boost up even the lifespan of one individual.

The advanced and interior meditation practice tackles the life-threatening diseases, does transformation among molecular & genetic arrangements, turns around the illness of mind, enhances the learning capability, provides boost for perception & communication goodness beyond the physical ability, helps gaining better ecological thoughts and even helps in managing the lifestyle and forethoughtfulness for understanding the future atmosphere.

Appending below is the list of meditation benefits:

  • Increases the blood supply in the human body
  • Slows down the heart rate in which there would be lower oxygen intake
  • Decreases the respiratory rate level by easing the exercise practice
  • Settles down the human body to an in-depth level of relaxation and peace of mind
  • Slows down the higher blood pressure level and helps to maintain a standard B P level
  • Lowers down the lactate level in the blood hence reduce the illness of anxiety
  • Helps building self-confidence
  • Helps to tolerate the pain because of both physical and mental illness
  • Eases out the muscle tension hence there will be zero chances of suffering headache
  • Increases the level of serotonin production hence there will be good and pleasant mood and behavior (in which lowered level of serotonin production leads to a severe headache, migraine, insomnia, obesity, depression, stress et al)
  • Helps overcome even the illnesses of allergies, arthritis et al
  • Helps overcome pre-menstrual syndromes
  • Enhances the immune system greatly and helps to recover better from postoperative illness
  • Increases the growth of natural killer cells thus stops down the action of viruses, bacteria, and even cancer cells
  • Eases out the human mind and body to escape from emotional distress